Beauty Accessories - Green Attraction

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It's time to stand out with our Green Attraction Beauty Accessories by Atwa Design.
Each collection is unique and carefully crafted with a very stylish dyed fabric.
The Green Attraction set has all the desired trendy traits of stylish beauty accessories.

  • Made with 100% cotton fabric (enriched Bazin) for  a sober shine and a smooth touch feeling
  • Great durability of the material with indelible colors
  • Pair easily with a variety of style and ideal for gala, date, wedding or any other dressed events.
  • The set comes with 1 ring earrings set, 1 closed bangle bracelet, 2 loop bracelets

- Loop bracelets: 7cm diameter
- Closed bangle bracelet: 8cm diameter and 3cm thickness
- Ring earrings: 5cm and 7cm diameters

All our fabrics for the accessories are hand-dyed with an ancestral knowledge that never rubs off and stays shinning for years.

Beauty Accessories Green Attraction - atwadesign

*Important notice: due to the uniqueness of each item, colors and their arrangement may vary slightly.

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Dimensions Loop bracelets: 8cm diameter; Ring earrings: 7cm diameter; Bangle bracelet: 9cm diameter and 3cm thickness
Material Exterior 100% cotton (enriched Bazin)

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