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about us atwadesign

-- Wherever we go, we carry with us the indelible marks of our style. #atwadesign #hybridstyle --

Have you been looking for that original fashion style? That unique hybrid design? Which each article has its own Fashion DNA?
We present to you: ATWA DESIGN, the new hybrid style.
Based on tied and dyed fabrics, 100% handmade and crafted with ancestral African Knowledge. We offer a hybrid look at a crossroad between formal, casual and luxury, between African and the rest of the world, based on style, tradition and high quality. We put at your service more than 15 years of practice and love in tying and dyeing fabrics, crafting techniques and sewing knowledge.

Follow us in our venture in the creation of that unique fashion style where elegance is full of colors.
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Atwa Design's Founder team